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Yoga Centric offers a lifestyle beyond exercise, in supporting each individual’s developmental goals in health, physical and emotional well-being regardless of fitness level. Heated and non-heated classes offered daily. Through the support of an experienced and supportive team as well as a relaxed and welcoming environment, you can have peace of mind that you will find a class that fulfills your personal goals at Yoga Centric.

The moment you walk in you will always be greeted with the awakening sounds of music and offered infused water or herbal tea to heighten your senses and prepare you for your practice.  If you arrive early, you can relax in our comfortable lounge area or browse through our Yoga Centric boutique which offers hip and affordable clothing, earth friendly jewelry and anything you need to have the best experience during your class.

Showers and changing areas are available offering organic scrubs, shampoos and herbal scents to accommodate your post class shower.

Yoga Centric in Bel Air will not only be Harford County’s favorite spot for yoga, but it will provide a place of retreat and sanctity for local community members to network and support each other through their journey of optimal total body health and well-being.

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