Drinking Problem

No, I’m not talking about alcohol.

Last week I was having my semi-weekly-monthly marketing meeting in Starbucks. My boss’ mom was just in the yoga studio and she stopped by to say hi and grab a cup of coffee. She was talking to me about being a vegan, the environment and our impact – this topic could keep me engaged all day long. But she mentioned to me that plastic, more importantly, these plastic water bottles that just about everyone – including myself carries and disposes or recycles – are only about 9% recyclable. THAT’S IT. Instead, the chemicals are being ingested by marine life, getting stuck in their lungs, harming our drinking water, taking a major toll on wildlife and the air we breathe.

I thought back to the 24/36 packages of water I buy throughout a month. Even the plastic on my to-go cup of chai tea is a culprit. My son loves the little plastic straws I place in his juice/water at dinner. The more & more I thought – the more I realized I am a major contributor with a MAJOR drinking problem.

After my realization, I started to become more aware, but I wasn’t making huge steps. I received THIS article from Elephant Journal (I highly recommend subscribing/following) which sealed my new pact with the environment. Time to make a REAL change. I’ll save money in the long run, but most importantly I’ll reduce my carbon footprint and I recommend you try it out too. Start small – but don’t stop at small. If you forget your on-the-go coffee mug at home at your local Starbucks or coffee shop, request no plastic lid. Purchase a nice, sustainable to-go drink bottle. Bring these with you everywhere. Can you cut out your use of plastic grocery bags? Become more aware. Spread the good. Be an advocate for the environment, for the air, life, for the future.

Serendipity – Summertime

It’s been a really peaceful summer week at YC! One of those weeks where nothing extraordinary was planned, to-do lists were light, the weather was unpredictable and each day seemed to be okay with it all.

Serendipity- “finding something beautiful without even looking for it”, has captured several class themes with no conversation amongst instructors at all. Community members shared moments taking their practice beyond where they ever thought they could, while those new to the studio shared their excitement as they discovered yoga for the first time.

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In The Brain, Not the Booty! ;)

Yoga Body Transformation, Yoga CentricYou may have asked yourself this question or perhaps heard it asked:

So the million dollar question…

“Will I lose weight doing hot yoga?” Well here it is… OF COURSE! Who wouldn’t lose weight after an hour of repetitive movements in a heated four walled and air-tight chamber filled with sweaty bodies and if you’re lucky a 24 oz bottle of water! The weight loss that occurs uniquely to those with a regular yoga practice, however is not the weight loss we commonly think of. This weight loss takes place in our minds, by allowing those heavy “Will I lose weight?” thoughts to become lighter and more focused on “self care” rather than “self doubt” and questioning.

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