Serendipity – Summertime

It’s been a really peaceful summer week at YC! One of those weeks where nothing extraordinary was planned, to-do lists were light, the weather was unpredictable and each day seemed to be okay with it all.

Serendipity- “finding something beautiful without even looking for it”, has captured several class themes with no conversation amongst instructors at all. Community members shared moments taking their practice beyond where they ever thought they could, while those new to the studio shared their excitement as they discovered yoga for the first time.

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In The Brain, Not the Booty! ;)

Yoga Body Transformation, Yoga CentricYou may have asked yourself this question or perhaps heard it asked:

So the million dollar question…

“Will I lose weight doing hot yoga?” Well here it is… OF COURSE! Who wouldn’t lose weight after an hour of repetitive movements in a heated four walled and air-tight chamber filled with sweaty bodies and if you’re lucky a 24 oz bottle of water! The weight loss that occurs uniquely to those with a regular yoga practice, however is not the weight loss we commonly think of. This weight loss takes place in our minds, by allowing those heavy “Will I lose weight?” thoughts to become lighter and more focused on “self care” rather than “self doubt” and questioning.

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Happy Earth Day – AHIMSA – Together, Be The Change You Wish To See!

Happy Earth Day! Take a few minutes to appreciate the beauty in our community, the parks, the nature all around us. We are fortunate to live in such an incredible area where we can visit waterfalls, farms, forests, trails, and rivers all nearby. Feel the grass under your feet, the beautiful buds popping out, and the crisp air.

And make a commitment to protect the earth today and everyday.

Feed the Bees! Attend class on Saturday – Receive a Wildflower Mix ❀