Events & Celebrations

Celebrate at Yoga Centric
Birthdays & Special Occasions

A unique venue for children & teen birthday celebrations. Whether your child and their friends have previously practiced yoga or this is their first time, our tailored private sessions are designed with the guest of honor in mind, making them feel right at home. Your celebration will be planned and facilitated by our Yoga Centric Community Event Manager and yoga led by one of our Yoga Alliance registered instructors. Guest of honor will choose between a mat or aerial yoga practice, appropriately sequenced for their age and experience. Following yoga, guests will make a “yoga life” craft, cupcakes, snacks & present unwrapping!
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Professional Team Building at Yoga Centric
Professional, corporate, non-profit & educational groups

Even though Yoga has been around for thousands of years, it’s only in recent past that people, both from India and abroad, have started to understand its real value for mental and physical health. However, you might be amazed to know that the advantages of yoga are not only limited to physical & mental health. The benefits associated with a regular yoga practice can also be experienced off of the mat, in one’s professional life.

Many business organizations and professionals across the most common fields, from schools to fortune 500 companies are providing yoga classes as a service to their employees. The increase in workplace motivation, focus and attention, in turn, has countless  benefits to the overall performance and satisfaction of those organizations who recognize the need for such a program.
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