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Yoga Centric offers a lifestyle beyond exercise, in supporting each individual’s developmental goals in health, physical and emotional well-being regardless of fitness level. Heated and non-heated classes offered daily. Through the support of an experienced and supportive team as well as a relaxed and welcoming environment, you can have peace of mind that you will find a class that fulfills your personal goals.

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New To Yoga?

You’ve probably heard that yoga is good for you. Maybe you have even tried yoga and discovered that it makes you feel better. A regular practice can offer a variety of mental and physical health benefits.

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It’s simple. Sign up with Yoga Centric’s unique pricing option, 30 days for $30, designed for those new to the studio. A full month will allow you to get acquainted to the community, without the worry of paying for each class. Roll out your mat every day, try each format and get to know all of our talented and uniquely trained instructors.

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Practicing 2 or more times per week?

Yoga Centric is your sanctuary, a place to find growth, serenity and community – a place to belong.

Simplify your life and practice…come as often as you’d like! Enjoy lowest $/class and many studio benefits such as 10% off of regularly-priced workshops, yoga privates, and discounts on boutique items & clothing.


Take your practice off of the mat and into the silks. Anti-Gravity Yoga or Aerial Yoga, originated in New York and has quickly spread worldwide. Aerial Yoga combines traditional yoga poses & mindful movements. Yoga Centric offers classes daily, led by instructors trained specifically in this exciting and out of the ordinary yoga format!

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Why Workshop?

There are very few landscapes these days to express your true feelings and things that really matter to you. Yoga studios create a space for you to “Come as you are!” Studio teachers and staff wake up every day as early as 4am to prepare an environment that soothes the aches, eases the mind and paves the way to self acceptance. Workshops are an additional option for those who desire more time in this environment with the instructors they connect with most. Workshops take a single or specific concept and provide the space and time to practice to a specific asana, method or theory of yoga. Yoga Centric works to provide a steady schedule of workshop options and always open to suggestions and feedback regarding special workshops and class formats. Click below to check out Yoga Centric’s current workshop and special event schedule!

Workshops & More

Who says Yoga Teacher Training is only for those with an advanced practice?

Maybe you have a desire to learn more about yoga, or have talked with others who have participated in a training program, or you just find the idea of yoga teacher training intriguing. Regardless of your motivation to embark on furthering your knowledge of yoga, let us know if you have YTT on the brain and we will help you make a decision that’s right for your practice.

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