In The Brain, Not the Booty! ;)

You may have asked yourself this question or perhaps heard it asked:

So the million dollar question…

“Will I lose weight doing hot yoga?” Well here it is… OF COURSE! Who wouldn’t lose weight after an hour of repetitive movements in a heated four walled and air-tight chamber filled with sweaty bodies and if you’re lucky a 24 oz bottle of water! The weight loss that occurs uniquely to those with a regular yoga practice, however is not the weight loss we commonly think of. This weight loss takes place in our minds, by allowing those heavy “Will I lose weight?” thoughts to become lighter and more focused on “self care” rather than “self doubt” and questioning.

The magic of yoga takes place when you realize it’s not how hard you try, but how hard you listen to those profound thoughts that come to your mind each time on the mat. “I’m not flexible enough.” Well, maybe this message is translating into your life as in, “Relax for a change and stop trying to plan every second of your day!” Maybe it’s, “I’m no good at balancing!” Hmmmmm.. translation “Time to create some balance in your life!” Just as these simple thoughts can link your physical yoga practice to your daily life, so can your thoughts about weight loss. The more you listen to those thoughts and allow yoga to pave the way for self-love and understanding, the more you will naturally want to care for your body. Awareness of the need for more sleep, daily epson salt baths, better food choices or a walk to the local grocery store vs. driving are all examples of listening to what your body, heart & soul need. Each of these examples will slow the pace of your mind and movements to a place where you can begin to make time to listen to what your body truly needs to be uniquely healthy & strong.

– Candice Hennessey