Serendipity – Summertime

It’s been a really peaceful summer week at YC! One of those weeks where nothing extraordinary was planned, to-do lists were light, the weather was unpredictable and each day seemed to be okay with it all.

Serendipity- “finding something beautiful without even looking for it”, has captured several class themes with no conversation amongst instructors at all. Community members shared moments taking their practice beyond where they ever thought they could, while those new to the studio shared their excitement as they discovered yoga for the first time.

All week Friday is long awaited, Sunday quickly arrives & each holiday is planned long before it comes. It’s weeks like this that serve as a reminder, the best moments and sweetest memories are often stumbled upon when you least expect it, without a plan or a thought.

When you find a home for your yoga practice, whether YC or somewhere else, take it all in during each practice. Feel each asana, each breath and notice those around you. Make new friends, smile at someone new, thank your instructor after class & be grateful for others in the community who share your love for yoga.

Take your practice off of the mat everyday, breathe with each step, each decision and notice those who you may never have before. Call an old friend, share a smile with a stranger, thank your boss at the end of a workday & be grateful for those who share a life with you.

Regardless of daily responsibilities, use this simple example as a reminder to save room in your day for an unimaginable moment and in your heart to meet a new friend or the love of your life. Let the best moments happen by accident and find they were exactly what you needed all along.

Until we meet again YC. Namaste.

~ Candice Hennessey