Class Descriptions

Heated Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga Centric Signature Warm
YC Heat Factor 85 degrees
60-75 Minutes
This class is ideal for those newer to yoga or those who want to revisit the foundation of their practice.

Suitable for beginners or those with experience. Meet yourself where you are, flow with purpose and create discipline of your mind. This class builds endurance, strength and the focus needed to feel and move through each part of a pose safely.

Instructors will teach to the average level of each class at a lower temperature than our Signature 1 and 2 classes.
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Yoga Centric Signature 1
YC Heat Factor 95-100 degrees
60-75 Minutes
Set to music, this foundational Vinyasa class will build heat, increase flexibility, strength and mental clarity. The pace or specific sequence may vary depending on instructor, however each class will move through a connection of sun salutations, warming, powerful and cooling poses.

The studio is heated to 95 degrees, by state of the art infrared radiant heaters. Arrive to class a little early, relax and allow the heat to warm and prepare your body.
Ideal for all-levels of practitioners.
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Yoga Centric Signature 2
YC Heat Factor 95-105 degrees
75 Minutes
Ideal for those with an existing yoga practice, this vinyasa focused sequence (the connection of movement and breath), will take your practice to greater depths. Mindfully sequenced with a focus or peak pose, this class will guide you through an awakening and energetic series of Vinyasa yoga poses. For those looking to go deeper into each pose & gain trust of their physical & mental capabilities, this
format will leave you feeling vibrant, connected & accomplished. End class with a long and well-deserved savasana. *Play & practice time following each class. The studio is heated to 95 degrees, by state of the art infrared radiant heaters.
Arrive to class a little early, relax and allow the heat to warm and prepare your body.
Intermediate and progressive levels.
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Yoga Centric Community Hot $7
YC Heat Factor 95-105 degrees
60-75 Minutes
A perfect class for yogis of all ages and levels to see what Yoga Centric is all about. By offering reduced priced community yoga classes, we get to spend time teaching those who may not have crossed our paths or even tried yoga otherwise. Whether you have practiced yoga for years or it’s your first time, our community yoga classes will inspire you to keep coming back to your mat.
Ideal for all-levels of practitioners.
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Non-Heated Yoga

Yoga Centric Align Yoga & Weights
60 Minutes
An ideal class for those looking to strengthen their yoga practice and add the health benefits of light weight training.
Set to the rhythm of upbeat music, Yoga Centric’s Align combines strength and cardio with those techniques and movements practiced in Vinyasa yoga. From breath awareness to mindful movement, this class adds additional power and endurance to your yoga class, without sacrificing the integrity and health of your body. Build a stronger foundation, mind and yoga practice by adding Align to your weekly schedule.
This is a non-heated class. The only items you will need is your yoga mat and water. Handheld weights are provided. All aspects of Align will be done right from your mat.
Important to have a foundational Yoga practice
Schedule is Limited, Book Ahead!

Yoga Centric Vin Yin Yoga
60 Minutes
Combining both Vinyasa and Yin styles of yoga, this class is an ideal practice for those days you are feeling out of balance, whether easily tired or heightened with excess energy.
Class will begin with a warming and moderately paced Vinyasa flow, aiding your bodies ability to clear out excess prana or energy. After this, your body will be ready to relax and lengthen through a series of grounding and meditative yin poses.
Yin yoga targets the body’s connective tissue. Unlike, Vinyasa yoga, yin yoga is a slower paced with long held passive poses doing wonders for joint health, flexibility, circulation, and mental focus. The combination of the two yoga styles, will leave you feeling energized, yet calm and free of daily aches and stressors.
The studio is non-heated. Providing good weather, the garage door will be open for fresh air.
Novice to intermediate levels.
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YC Restorative Yoga
Ideal as a compliment to any yoga practice. Also, recommended and safe for those recovering or suffering from physical injury.
Yoga Centric’s Restorative yoga is the most well attended class to date. This type of yoga can be a stand alone or compliment to any and all levels or types of existing exercise modalities.
Although, practiced anytime of day, the ideal time to practice Restorative Yoga is in the evening. Due to the calming nature of this type of yoga, the most commonly seen benefits are improved sleep and tension relief. Results may vary depending on the frequency of your practice.
Your instructor will guide you through a series of 5-6 prop supported poses, accompanied with guided meditation & aromatherapy. Class will close in a traditional savasana, providing very little stimulation, assisting you in keeping a relaxed state of mind for your ride home and off to dreamland.
To maximize your ability to relax and settle towards a restful state, come to class showered, clean and comfortable, so the only worries you have after class is to drive home safely and climb into bed!

Restorative Yoga is non-heated. If the weather is good, the garage door will be opened for fresh air.
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YC Aerial Yoga
Aerial Yoga packages and memberships available at check out. 3 flights for $30 for all new aerial clients.

Aerial Flow
Aerial yoga experience recommended
*4 class minimum
Designed for those flyers who are comfortable in the air and have a fluent vocabulary of aerial poses. This flight will bring together the more intermediate to advanced concepts of Aerial yoga, creating a connective and graceful practice.
Ages 14 & up
*Flight packages & Aerial memberships available.

Aerial Basics of Flight
Perfectly designed to bring comfort and confidence to those new to the silks. Instructors will guide you through basic techniques, required to fully embrace this graceful practice. Supportive silk-fabrics will provide additional support, to those postures most commonly practiced in a regular yoga.
Ages 14 & up
*3 flights for $30 for all new aerial clients.

Aerial All-Fly
All-experience levels welcome
Take your practice to new heights! A gravity-assisted yoga practice, performed in supportive silk-fabric slings, allowing complete surrender of the body. Enables practitioners to perform more complex stretches and increase their flexibility.
Ages 14 & up
*Flight packages and Aerial memberships available.
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Aerial Junior (ages 8-13)
No experience required
Aerial yoga offers a safe and exciting way for children to practice yoga. Unlike with adults, being upside down or in the air is a natural feeling for most children, making Aerial a perfect introduction to yoga. The benefits that a regular yoga practice can have on children is endless. From increasing healthy body awareness, flexibility, strength and mental focus, your child will love their experience from the very first flight!
*Check out the schedule of kids pop up Aerial flights on those days schools are closed! Space is limited.
3 Flights for $30 for new clients only
1 Flight $18
6 Flight Package $90
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*Also available~Private Group & Single Aerial Yoga Sessions. Contact us at for pricing and scheduling.

*New to Yoga and not sure where to begin? No problem, take advantage of our 30 days for $30 new client offer. This package is designed to allow each new client to experience all classes offered at YC. After your first 30 days, decide what classes fit your schedule and your yoga practice. Submit your info and a Community Manager will be in touch to help you get started!

*Private Mat Yoga Instruction available.
Perfect for those with no prior experience practicing yoga, medical issues or yogis ready to take their practice to the next level.  Contact us at for more information or to schedule a private session.