Class Descriptions

Heated Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga Centric Signature Warm
YC Heat Factor 85-90 degrees
60 Minutes
At a slower pace, this Vinyasa practice ranges from a gentle to moderate flow depending on your ability, comfort level and use of instructor-guided modifications. This sequence will encourage self-awareness by connecting conscious movement and breath. It will also help to still the wandering mind and be more present in each asana. Instructors will guide you with intention, focusing to breath and deepening the pose, each pose lasting a minimum of two breaths. Verbal and hands-on adjustments are provided to ensure that proper alignment and form is present. Blocks and straps are commonly used and encouraged during this practice. This format is also ideal for those looking to develop their form and alignment in their existing practice.  Novice to intermediate levels.
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Yoga Centric Signature 1
YC Heat Factor 95-100 degrees
60-75 Minutes
A challenging, fun & dynamic vinyasa-flow, linking breath to movement, while burning calories and detoxifying the body. Set to music, this class will combine a centering warm-up, sun salutations, standing poses, forward bends, modified backbends, supported inversions, twists, abdominal work and a traditional shivasana. Although the speed or specific posture sequence may vary depending on instructor, all practitioners are encouraged to modify when necessary and listen to the needs of their body. As always, please let your instructor be aware if you have limitations or specific needs.
All levels welcome.
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Yoga Centric Signature 2
YC Heat Factor 95-105 degrees
60-75 Minutes
Accessible to those with an existing yoga practice, this vinyasa-focused sequence (rhythmic-movement between poses, accompanied by even-conscious breathing) will take your practice to greater depths. Following a theme or building of a peak pose, your instructor will guide you through a series of focused postures to awaken and prepare your mind and body. For those looking to go deeper into each pose and gain trust of their physical and mental capabilities, this format will leave you feeling vibrant, connected and accomplished. As always, communicate with your instructor regarding any physical limitations or concerns prior to your practice. Play and practice time following each class. Intermediate and progressive levels.
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Non-Heated Yoga

Yoga Centric Vin Yin Yoga
60 Minutes
This class will combine the traditional postures practiced in a vinyasa style of yoga and the longer holding of poses held in a traditional yin practice. Combining these methods is a great introduction to yin yoga without leaving the sun-salutations behind. Upon completion of this awakening and healing practice, you will feel calm, peaceful and balanced.  Novice to intermediate levels.
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YC Restorative Yoga
This restorative yoga sequence typically involves between five to six poses, supported by props and allowing you to completely relax into each posture. Held for 5 minutes or more, restorative poses include light twists, seated forward folds, and gentle backbends. Blending supported postures, breath work, the use of essential oils and guided mediation. This class will help you on your journey to centering the mind and connecting with your body. Restorative yoga is an essential part of any yoga practice.
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YC Run Yoga
Just throw your running shoes in your bag & you are all set for this running & yoga combo class. This class is a great option for yogis craving that pre-practice cardio. Enjoy a 30-minute run on the Ma & Pa trail, followed by 1-hour of fresh air yoga for runners! Regardless of your motivation to hit the trail, use this 30-minutes to fit your cardio needs. Whether you are training for a race, walking or running (skipping also permitted) for cardio, just as when you are on your mat, do what serves your body, mind & soul that day.
Meet no less than 5 minutes before departing time for run portion of class.  The instructor will guide both the run & yoga practice. If there are any special health considerations, prior to hitting the trail, please let your instructor know! Namaste! Rain or Shine!
Run Yoga will run from May-October.

YC Aerial Yoga
Aerial Yoga packages and memberships available at check out. 3 flights for $30 for all new aerial clients.

Aerial Flow
Designed for those flyers who are comfortable in the air with a good vocabulary of aerial poses. Instructors will weave together several poses to create a connective and graceful practice.
*ages 14 & up
*previous aerial experience recommended

Aerial Basics of Flight
Introductory-level drop-in flights, open to anyone 14+ who want to try an aerial class, spice up their yoga regimen or brush up on their basic aerial skills.

Aerial All-Fly
A gravity-assisted yoga practice, performed in supportive silk fabric slings, allowing complete surrender of the body. Ages 14 & up
Class packages and Aerial Memberships available at checkout

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*Also available~Private Group & Single Aerial Yoga Sessions. Contact us at for pricing and scheduling.

Community Hot Yoga
The perfect class for adults and teens to see what Yoga Centric is all about.  Whether you have practiced yoga for years or it’s your first time, our Community Hot Yoga class will inspire you to keep coming back and deepen your practice. Our amazing teachers will make you and your friends feel right at home, guiding you through a Vinyasa-style yoga flow.
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*New to Yoga and not sure where to begin? No problem, take advantage of our 30 days for $30 new client offer. This package is designed to allow each new client to experience all classes offered at YC. After your first 30 days, decide what classes fit your schedule and your yoga practice. Submit your info and a Community Manager will be in touch to help you get started!

*Private Mat Yoga Instruction available.
Perfect for those with no prior experience practicing yoga, medical issues or yogis ready to take their practice to the next level.  Contact us at for more information or to schedule a private session.