Sign in each time you arrive.

Be on time (10 minutes early would be great).

Enjoy the lounge area to socialize, but please keep the volume of your voice low when there is a class in session.

Allow students to exit and the instructor to clean and prepare the studio, before entering for your class.

Mind personal hygiene (use deodorant, mouthwash or mints). Refrain from wearing heavy scents.

Keep mats and yoga supplies clean and odor free. MAT CLEANER PROVIDED. Sunshine works too!

Please leave your valuables at home or in your car.

No cell phones or watches with smart phone or texting technology permitted in practice space.
Please turn off and remove before entering.

Use mat markers to make room for everyone.

Respect the instructor and practice of fellow practitioners. Save all conversation and questions for after class.

If you must leave class early, please inform the instructor prior to the start of class. Quietly pack up prior to savasana.

Enjoy your practice, have fun & release all expectations before entering the studio.

If you are new to the studio or have not met your instructor, please introduce yourself after class.

Schedule your next class and update your account.