Yoga Teacher Training – 200 Hour

Yoga Centric 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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If you stumbled upon this page, Congratulations on a decision to explore the possibilities of your yoga practice beyond your own mat. Yoga teacher training is an opportunity to embark on a journey to “find out who you are”, the foundational phrase of Yoga Centric’s teacher training.

Collaboration over Competition.

Yoga Centric hosted their first yoga teacher training in October 2016, just over 1 year after their doors opened. With predominately a “new to yoga” community and a minimal understanding of the essential tools and resources needed to lead a teacher training, Yoga centric had a surprisingly high demand to host a training. After months of planning and learning from both the successes and mis-haps of building a successful school, Yoga Centric made a decision to partner with Red lila yoga of Baltimore, a school to many of the areas leading instructors.  With open hearts and open minds, the experienced instructor and administrative staff of Yoga Centric put in many hours, weekends and months, learning from our affiliate school, how to lead a successful teacher training independently. In April 2017, Yoga Centric successfully graduated their first class of 15 RYT 200hour teachers and has since humbly grown their school, graduating a total of 52 yoga teachers to date. Although the studio completed the 3rd and most recent YTT session, without the hands on support of Red lila yoga, Yoga Centric continues their partnership on many initiatives, from workshops, extended trainings and continued education. The partnership between both schools has reinforced the continued philosophy of some of the best schools to date. “When one teaches, two learn.”

Jenny Barrett, lead trainer

Candice Hennessey, administrator

Yoga Centric’s 200 hr YTT is a nationally recognized, Yoga Alliance approved and registered training. The following dates and times are the Yoga Alliance required hours to graduate and receive a completion certificate. Yoga Centric’s program includes a combination of visual, verbal, aural and physical learning, facilitated by a team of ERYT (experienced registered yoga teacher) qualified instructors. The program will also be complimented with the opportunity to participate in a required group community service project selected and completed by the trainees enrolled in the program.


  1. Graduates of Yoga Centric’s 200 hour YTT will have the skills and confidence required to teach a Vinyasa yoga class to a demographically diverse and mixed level class.
  2. Trainees will learn to use their innate qualities and natural abilities to teach yoga asana in a manner that is reflective of not only what they learned in YTT, but also who they are based on the experiences that brought them to the yoga mat.
  3. Graduates will learn the importance of being part of a community and how connection with other like-minded individuals can positively impact their growth as a practitioner and yoga teacher.
  4. Upon graduation, trainees will have the skill set and knowledge to safely teach others to practice yoga asana in a way that is beneficial to meet the needs of their students.
  5. Trainees will be able to use their knowledge of yoga philosophy to better understand their own personal practice, carry their beliefs into day to day life and observe the teachings of the first practitioners of yoga.

Yoga Centric School Certificate


Jenny Barrett, E-RYT 200
Certified Holistic Health Coach, Pilates/Reformer/Barre
Lead Instructor


Yoga Centric, Bel Air

Yoga Teacher Training with Jenny Barrett


Winter YTT

2 Intensives – 4 day sessions 4 Weekends – 2 day sessions

  1. December 5-8
  2. Mar 13-16


  • W-F 12pm-8pm
  • SA 10am-7pm

  1. Jan 12 & 13
  2. Jan 26 & 27
  3. Feb 23 & 24
  4. April 6-7 *graduation weekend


  • SA 10am-7pm
  • SU 9am-5pm



2 Wed Workshop sessions

  1. Dec 19
  2. Feb 13
3 Practicum Hours
Practice teaching with ERYT *experienced registered yoga teacher

  • 4:30pm-8pm

*may vary with enrollment




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*paid in full by 9/24
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$150 Book/Material Fee

Additional benefit for YTT trainees

Once you have paid your tuition and Book/Material Fee in full, you will be eligible for 50% off of Yoga Centric’s Monthly Mat Membership


Please complete pre-registration for Yoga Centric’s 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training. We look forward to reviewing your application!


AerialKim –  Aerial Yoga Teacher Training


In this intensive weekend training, you will learn to lead a safe, fun, and intelligent aerial yoga class. Topics include: fabric wraps; seated, standing, and inverted poses; verbal and tactile cueing; hands-on assisting for safety; class structure; equipment care; background/history.


  • Friday, September 14, 5PM–9PM
  • Saturday, September 15, 9AM–6PM
  • Sunday, September 16, 9AM–6PM




Lead trainer Kim DeAngelis (Aeriakim) has more than 15 years experience in the fitness industry and 7 years experience in aerial arts. Kim has been teaching aerial yoga for 5 years and is excited to share her passion with you!

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